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precision of the high numerical technology, the billiard table's elements are made to hundredth of millimetre guaranteeing an assembly as a work of art.

Le Comptoir du Billard : fabrication de billards  Le Comptoir du Billard : fabrication de billards  Le Comptoir du Billard : fabrication de billards

Le Comptoir du Billard : bois pour les billardsLe Comptoir du Billard : bois pour les billards
Wood :
Raw material selected in a rigorous way, the kotibé, the only one to be recognized as an exotic wood in our speciality, is from the family of the mahogany trees, retained for its qualities of exceptional density. However, the oak, the walnut tree are species which can be used for a billiard table of wood of country, it´s your choice.

Le Comptoir du Billard : ardoise pour les billardsThe slate :
natural material extracted hundreds of meters down, machined in the mass, fitted with the frame and enclosed by the frame of the cushions, it assures the quality of bearing of your billiard table, by its flatness of an extreme precision.Réparation sur les billards

The rubber cushions:
A section which doesn´t leave any place to the imperfection, to meet the flexibility requirements and to provide to your billiard table the successive returns of the balls to the play area.
Le Comptoir du Billard : couleur de drap ou tapis pour les billards

Cloth or carpet :
final key which is the prerogative of your billiard table.
If a colour can appeal to you, the important is its quality and its reference : essential condition so that all the stages of manufacture and completion leave only the immense pleasure of play.

Modifications : We can carry out the restoration of old plays, small old billiard tables, trifle billiard tables and gambling tables.

Certification ,réparation accessoires pour les billards

Repairs on accessories : We carry out all the repairs concerning the billiard cues (change of processes, rings...).